How can we co-create the city
we want to live in?

The project lab is searching answers for the following questions:

  • How can we use the emergency of the refugee crisis as a starting point for a more participatory city planning?
  • How can we create meeting points in the everyday for exchange between neighbours and refugees?
  • How can we move from the architecture of emergency in refugee camps to building common sustainable housing solutions for everyone? lab is adressing this issues by creating meetingpoints, workshops and research about best practice examples. The mobile lab on wheels will be travelling between different stations in Mainz and Mainz-Kastel during the summer of 2016. We will develop and prototype a process exploring strategies of co.culture,, and co.governance that we share as a common on


Partners & Support

The project lab is currently a research project in the framework "Connected Action for the Commons", funded by the European Cultural Foundation and in collaboration with the University of Art and Design Linz. In April/May 2016 the lab was kindly invited by the Media Lab Prado – the residency was a great opportunity to meet the network of city makers in Madrid and beyond and to become part of the network. Since July 2016 we are also supported through coaching and a coworking place by the Social Impact Lab Frankfurt as part fo the programm "AndersGründer".